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International Federation of Automatic Control and IfSQ

The International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC), founded in September 1957, is a multinational federation of (National Member Organizations), each one representing the engineering and scientific societies concerned with automatic control in its own country. The aim of the Federation is to promote the science and technology of control in the broadest sense in all systems, whether, for example, engineering, physical, biological, social or economic, in both theory and application. IFAC is also concerned with the impact of control technology on society. IFAC pursues its purpose by organizing technical meetings, by publications, and by any other means consistent with its constitution and which will enhance the interchange and circulation of information on automatic control activities.
—From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (June 2010)


Relationship between International Federation of Automatic Control and IfSQ:
In order to audit computer program source code, it is useful to be able to establish whether or not code meets a given standard. IfSQ has produced and published standards which make it easier for auditors make an independent assessment of the quality of the source code of computer programs.